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Hatchimals Draggles Egg - Green

Knock, knock, knock. Who's there? It's a big surprise! Nurture your Hatchimals Draggles Egg in Green, and watch as it grows up. As you toss and tap on the egg, glowing eyes will peer out at you and the Hatchimal inside will make cute sounds to let you know how its feeling. After playing with the egg long enough, you'll see rainbow eyes, meaning it's time for your Hatchimal to hatch. Keep touching the egg and your new furry friend will really peck its way through the shell! Now, it's your job to raise your Hatchimal from baby to toddler to kid. Teach your creature to walk, talk, play games and more. Mystery abounds - who will you find inside?

Product Highlights

  • When you listen to the egg, you can hear a heartbeat
  • Flip the egg playfully or tap on the shell to get the Hatchimal to respond with cute sounds or lighted eyes
  • Once rainbow eyes peer out from inside the egg, your Hatchimal is ready to break out of its shell
  • Encourage the creature with your touch, and it will peck its way out of the egg
  • Raise your Hatchimal through three stages, including baby, toddler and kid, and it will sing "Hatchy Birthday" at the onset of each new stage
  • Teach your cute Hatchimal to walk, talk, dance, play games and even repeat what you say
  • Each egg comes with one of two interactive Hatchimals
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Recommended for ages 5 years and older

What's Included

  • Hatchimals Draggles Egg - Green
  • Instruction booklet
  • Reference guide
  • Two AA LR6 batteries
It's a surprise
Put your ear close to the egg. Is that a heartbeat you hear? You can also flip the egg for fun or tap on the surface. Whoever is inside will tap back!
Who can it be?
Play with your egg to begin the hatching process. Once you see rainbow eyes, it's time for your Hatchimal to break out of its shell. Just make sure to encourage it by touching the egg!
Up and moving
Now that your beloved Hatchimal has arrived into this world, you need to name it! Nurture your new creature through three stages - baby, toddler and kid - and teach it how to walk, talk, dance, play games and more.
Mysterious creatures
With one of two Hatchimals concealed in each egg, which one will peck out of your shell?

Hatchimals - Penguala - Blue/Green Egg

  • Who’s Inside? It’s a Surprise!

    Hatchimals are magical creatures that live inside colorful eggs. Each Hatchimal is special — it’s up to you to help them hatch, play with them, and raise them.
  • Play with the Egg!

    Care, nurture, and play with your Hatchimal’s egg. Tap the egg and your Hatchimal will tap back. Listen to hear its heartbeat, turn the egg upside down, and watch the eyes light up from inside the egg. It’s a mystery who’s inside — it’s a surprise!
  • It Really Hatches!

    Care for your Hatchimal while it’s inside the egg. When it’s ready to hatch, you’ll see rainbow eyes! Your Hatchimal can’t hatch without you! Encourage yours by holding and rubbing the egg. Hatching can only happen once, so make sure to share the experience!
  • Raise Your Hatchimal!

    Now that you’ve met your new Hatchimal, it’s ready to play and grow. Give your Hatchimal a name and raise it through 3 stages: from baby, to toddler, to kid. At each stage they’ll sing “Hatchy Birthday”! Hatchimals really walk, talk, dance, play games, and more. Hatchimals — who will you hatch?

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